Friday night was a wonderful bit of nostalgia--Emilia came up from San...uh...Diego...ta Barbara--and we had a freshman year reunion in Tacoma. Hit up Gateway to India (I highly recommend the lamb) and Magoo's...which was a bit of a shock, really. I haven't been in a Tacoma bar since the no smoking legislation passed in Pierce County, and I tell you what, it did nothing for the smell. That bar smelled hideous and..old. It's like there's no new cigarette smell to cover up the old cigarette smell, rendering the atmosphere stale and post-lung cancer-y. The entire place reeks of mortality. Which, of course didn't stop me from drinking there because hello, 3 dollar drinks! I bought three for myself and a beer for a friend and my tab was 13 bucks. In your face, pretentious, over-priced Seattle bars!

Bars like Chapel. Fucking Chapel. My advice: do not go there on a Saturday night. Also, do not go there if you don't want to pay 7 dollars for a fucking well drink, which is bullshit; Bullshit, I say. I will say this: the bar itself is aesthetically pleasing. I am a little surprised at the stairway to heaven one must ascend to get in the door, though. We're talking many, many steps on a 90 degree angle. I imagine many a drunken tart in stiletto heels has taken a nasty spill down those steps, which, on second thought, would be kind of funny. Other than that, the place is well-decorated (okay, besides the white Jetson's chairs, which managed to be both ugly *and* uncomfortable at the same time) and the bar staff is attractive and only slightly rude. I wish I could say the same for the clientele, which consisted almost solely of (badly) aging hipsters, overweight office women and fat frat fucks with their skinny arm-girlfriends--you know, the kind who spends the entire night clinging to the fleshy elbow of her boyfriend and looking down at the floor? I'm like, I don't need geishas in here, okay? Go cover your mouth and giggle somewhere else and take your borderline abusive linebacker with you.

Also, my 7 dollar drink was totally watered down. Oh, and they served beer in wine glasses. Why would thay do that?