it's showtime, synergy!

So my big sister gave me the Jem box set for my birthday. It's 4 discs long. There are like 89 episodes. Oh, the glory. 80's rocker chicks, green hair, fishnets and hot guys named Rio...what more could you ask for? No, seriously, what more could you ask for? My one complaint: dudes, Rio is totally cheating of Jerrica with Jem...and Jerrica IS Jem, so she KNOWS that he's cheating on her, so what the fuck is that? She's an enabler and Rio is a goddamn cheater, which is kind of disheartening because Rio was my favorite cartoon guy who wasn't on Voltron...I thought he was awesome and sweet and dreamy, but little did my innocent 8 year old self comprehend that he was a total cheating whore. WHORE, I say, WHORE.

Mmm. Off-topic. Yesterday started off brilliantly and ended disastrously. Jenn, the good friend that she is, helped me pick up some stuff at my office to take home with me. We made a day of it--went to Sushiland (light of my life, fire of my loins), hit Cost Plus World Market in Lynnwood for British candy, ate TCBY fro-yo and then decided to catch an early viewing of Ella Enchanted, which was, in fact, contrary to poor reviews (with the notable exception of this one by my arch-nemesis the no longer fat guy), totally enchanting. I have a rather large girl-crush on Anne Hathaway who, it turns out, is even more crush-worthy that previously thought, as she proves in the film that she can both dance and sing in addition to act, cry convincingly and be beautiful. I am jealous to the point of homicidal rage.

So, anyway, after the movie, we left the theatre to discover that Jenny had locked her keys in her car. The first thing I said was, "Do you have AAA?" She didn't. That's when we realized that we didn't know what to do. She called her cousin, Kimo, who lived nearby and I called our font of useful information friend, Amber. Kimo agreed to come with a clothes hanger and Amber informed us that should we need to, we could call a tow company or a locksmith. Let it be now noted that it was about 50 degrees and I was wearing a skirt and a tee-shirt. Yes. I tried to keep mental control over my temperature as Kimo tried his clothes hanger trick. After 15 minutes, I could no longer feel my legs. Soon, a Lynnwood Community Patrol vehicle approached and offered aid. They had slim jims and tools and I was convinced that we would be in the car in no time, which was good, because my soul was beginning to separate from my body. 15 minutes later, I asked Kimo if I could sit in his car. I slowly re-entered the world of the living. Half an hour later, the fake po-po gave up. Jenn called a locksmith who was there in 10 minutes and jimmied the lock in 5.

I offered to marry him. He was already married, though.