i'm so very sorry...my contrition completely dwarfs the impending apocalypse

The headline reads: "Kevin Spacey: 'I fell for a con.'" I don't know about you, but I was fully expecting some lurid details on Kevin's hot and spicy affair with this guy. But nooooo. Instead, this. How tragically misleading...although methinks The Spacey is leaving out a few details. Like the part where he and the guy who stole his phone make out.

In other news, Heather celebrated her 25th birthday this past Friday...I believe I can safely say that good times were had by all. The evening started off with a bullet of fun--at the restaurant, Jeremy and I ordered the same dish and he felt the need to request that his be spicier because, as you know, if I, a woman, were to out-spice him, a man, his entire masculine world would have come crashing down around his shoulders. Consequently, Jeremy spent the rest of the meal chugging water, sweating profusely and holding back tears. How very manly. It reminded me of the time Freshman year when a bunch of us were out at that Mongolian Grill place and Jason Shamai was all: Pile on the chili and the pepper and the spice and the hot sauce! I can take it! I'm a man. And then, when he put the first bite in his mouth, all he could do was sob and shrilly cry: "I'm a fucking woman!"

Other highlights included: Heather's throaty karaoke rendition of Midnight Train To Georgia, nummy sherbet, the guy in the kilt, my inexplicable urge to steal Jade's wonderful handbag and the indie-mod, big bang-wearing super adorable young man with whom I shared two or three meaningful, prolonged looks. But, alas, our love will never come to fruition as he lives in Tacoma and I reside in Seattle and never the twain shall meet...except on random, beer-soaked Friday nights.

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Yes, fun times. I later asked Jeremy if he felt weird about being the only guy, and he said "Not after a few beers." He then added, "Plus, Ahe's practically like a dude." I cracked up and told I'd have to tell you that, and he was worried you'd beat him up. I assured him you'd think it was AWESOME! Heh...
that's AWESOME! being dude-like is cool, so long as it's not followed by "in appearance."